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Why this website?

Problems on the housing market

Refugees who receive residence status have two months time to find housing by themselves. Then they have to leave the reception facility. Discrimination on the housing market and a lack of adequate and affordable housing makes this a difficult task for many.

 The lack of qualitative and affordable supply on the housing market is a big problem. Not only for recognised refugees and persons holding subsidiary protection but for all vulnerable tenants. The right to housing is nevertheless enshrined in the Belgian Constitution, article 23, and in the regional Residential Codes.

With this website, we want to tackle one aspect of the housing problem for recognised refugees, namely discrimination. A homeowner has the right to choose to whom he lets his home. Research shows that the preference is often given to people on fixed incomes who can pay a deposit at once, are highly educated, without migration background (link to source).

Registering your property on this website

Are you as a landlord willing to let your property to anyone, regardless of their income or a possible migration background? Then you can register the rental property on this website. We will distribute the website actively with our prospective tenants. By adding your property to our search engine, you commit yourself to giving all prospective tennants an opportunity to present their candidacy, including refugees. Of course, as landlord you have the final choice to decide with which prospective tenant you want to get on board.

Information for tenants and landlords

As a refugee you can find information on this website on how to look for housing, and what to pay attention to when you find a place to live. This information is available in several languages.

As a landlord you will also find information on common questions regarding letting to a refugee.

Furthermore, on the page with useful links, you will find references to interesting websites on housing.  We recommend you also take a look at the stories we gathered. You will read what landlords and refugees have to say. 

Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen supports asylum seekers and refugees. We don't do this alone as we have thirty members and a great many enthusiastic volunteers. Together we intensify the pressure on policy and increase awareness among the general public. We are also actively involved in integration. We support all those that assist asylum seekers and refugees. And we work around repatriation when necessary.

We strive for humane protection for asylum seekers and refugees. Our guiding principles are the Refugee Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights. 

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This website was accomplished with the financial support of Fedasil.


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